Welcome to the 'breathing productions' web site - a research site and cultural exploration into the act of breathing.

The act of breathing is taken for granted and rarely dwelled upon, it is however a rhythm of the body, that links our existence with everything else in a simultaneous inhale and exhale of the exterior world. In a shared experience, an exchange, we inhale and filter through our own internal systems the expired air from other peoples breath. Breathing therefore, does not end at the surface of the body, but constitutes a dialogue between interior and exterior movements; a way of passing through the world.

The act of breathing conditions our very being, however the mortality of the body determines our non-being. This contradiction, evokes a simultaneous affirmation and denial of physical presence, which is reflected in our language, in our technology and in our increasingly disembodied communication systems.

This web site focuses on the most fundamental human condition for being alive, to breathe. It looks at the act of breathing and how it relates to urban perceptions of communication, of time, of presence and of self, and it focuses on our estrangement from those aspects of life that are most intimate and important to us - as expressed by Hiraclitus in the fifth century BC: "We are estranged from that with which we are most familiar"

The site will function as a base and an information source for a series of events and research projects that will take place in London from 1998 onwards. If you would like to receive further information, or if you have any comments or contributions to this project, please contact breathing productions at the email address below.

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