....... everyone else had already jumped. I was clinging on to a rope that seemed to be the only secure thing at the moment. The pilot was shouting at me, in fact there was a chorus of voices from inside the plane shouting 'Let go of the rope and jump!' I was terrified, sure that during the training they had said - always hold on to the rope...
It was so loud up there, and we were still travelling at such a speed, it wasn't how I'd imagined the romantic notion of being in the sky; it looks so calm from below. Then someone yanked the rope away from my grip, and just pushed me off the edge......

Would you like to participate in a parachute experiment?

‘breathing productions’ is organising a series of events, exploring the act of breathing as a navigator between public and private space. As part of these events, Ella Gibbs will invite Londoners to experience their first-time parachute jump.

As a participant, you will be asked to relate the experience to your own domestic environment and everyday life, and to open your home one evening to the public.

Audiences will be invited to take part in dialogues taking place in private homes around London, simultaneously, concerning perceptions of everyday life, of sensational experience, what freedom is - and why it is that we usually seek it outside ourselves.

for more information: breathing productions - lise@autogena.org